Everyone would agree the most accurate way to test new allopathic drugs and procedures is in the marketplace.

“Too dangerous!” you say? Well, you are right. But it’s happening.

Our current “gold standard” system of testing* was designed about fifty years ago by allopathy believers and practitioners. It was used by allopathic product developers to test their drugs and procedures. It was supposed to screen out the unsafe and ineffective products, allowing into the marketplace only the safe and effective for the allopathic medicine's practitioners and consumers.

So now, we have tested the allopathic drugs, procedures and testing system for fifty years in the marketplace. Let’s look at the results.

Allopathic drugs and procedures have been tested and are doing more harm than good. Modern Medicine’s Secret

Allopathic medicine's "gold standard" of testing may or may not be screening out some dangerous or ineffective drugs and procedures but it lets into the marketplace more negatives than positives.

The practice of the complete theory of allopathic medicine, including its measuring devices, drugs, procedures, "gold standard" clinical testing (double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-market), peer reviewed, hospitals, practitioners, believers and promises of continued improvement, has been tested in the marketplace for fifty years.
The theory of allopathic medicine is false. Its practice has been found to create many more negatives than positives and it is the number one cause of permanent injuries and deaths, even over cancer and heart disease.

One employee of the drug industry told it like it is, “It is too difficult for people in our industry to say the obvious, ‘My work is killing some of the people it is supposed to be helping.’”
What do we do now?

The placebo works. It is safe and effective. Our research has found that the placebo is really compassion that we create within. Its only limitation in helping us heal and stay healthy is our belief system, which we can expand. Harnessing the Placebo’s Compassion

Good Samaritans International's Compassion Theory of Healing & Health is tested and true.

Assuming you want to live happier, healthier, longer and create better realities, we recommend you start now to create a reality in which you give yourself and others more attention and compassion. Click on the Practices button on the left and use the practices as ways to keep yourself resonating with people and things around you, to be whole. The more you actively create loving relationships with others and yourself, the greater will be your reservoirs of love and the smaller your puddles of fear and negatives. The more your internal chemistry and your environment will act to support you, the less you will ever need or want to take medicine or invasive procedures again.

*To better understand the details of a “gold standard” testing system that failed, see



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