A Short Conversation

Q. But why do so many of us believe modern medicine works, if the industry’s own research shows it does not?

A. Good question. It is due to the modern medicine illusion with which we were raised. Let me explain.

Modern medicine has two components: physical and mental.
  • The physical component is made up mostly of external medicines and procedures recommended by physicians.
  • The mental component is called the placebo. Our research has identified the placebo’s active ingredient as compassion, which seems to be limited only by our beliefs and expectations.
Our beliefs and expectations with which we were raised create the illusion that the external pills and procedures cure us, when in fact it is compassion from within and from others that makes us whole. As modern medicines’ toxic chemicals and invasive procedures make us worse, we incorrectly blame the symptoms, for which we were mistakenly being treated in the first place.

Does this mean the physical component is actually worse than it appears because compassion is compensating for it, and if we changed our beliefs and expectations, compassion would help even more?

A. Yes, thank you. That completes the modern medicine illusion.




A View Of Healing & Health

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