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Distant Healing Synopsis and Distant Healing Research

i. Distant mental influence of rate of hemolysis. Braud WG. In: Henkel L.A. & Berger, R.E., eds. Research in Parapsychology 1988. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow; 1989.


In a novel approach to studying the possible mechanisms of psychic healing, 32 unselected subjects participated in a laboratory experiment in which attempts were made to psychically influence the hemolysis of blood in a test-tube at a distance. Half of the subjects were randomly assigned to a condition where the blood that they attempted to influence belonged to another person while half were assigned a condition in which the target blood was their own.

All subjects attempted to slow down (protect) the rate of hemolysis (i.e., the breakdown of the blood) in a test-tube. Control periods were interspersed with attempted healing conditions using subsamples of the blood.

Nine of the 32 subjects in this experiment showed a significant effect (where 1.6 was expected by chance). The probability of this many significant subjects was less than 2 in 10,000.



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