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Compassion Findings/Opportunities

Good Samaritans International has conducted research over the years. Some of the important findings follow.
  1. Most of us have a natural dissonance between us due to our differences. But when we offer empathy and care we change the dissonance to resonance, enhancing everything correlated with incremental love like incremental happiness, health, healing, creativity and productivity.
  2. Compassion can be offered through physical symbols that increase resonance, awareness and attraction.
  3. We know our own health and create it more than anyone else, incorrectly giving much of the credit to physicians and medicines.
  4. When our focus is changed from the positives of love and contentment to the negatives of fear and dissonance, our happiness, health and everything correlated with them become depressed. The more vulnerable among us are affected more.
  5. 1-4 above are about local compassion, which seems to go through our senses. Nonlocal compassion or compassionate intent, i. e., sending thoughts, well wishing and prayer, may work better or may be what makes local compassion work.
Scientific Paper (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

A View Of Healing & Health

1. Harnessing the Placebo's Compassion   2. Compassion Theory of Healing & Health    3. Compassion Experiments

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