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Facts Associated with the Compassion Theory of Healing & Health

First, I learned from the dictionary that facts are concepts that can be proven.

Next, I learned that a fact proven in one context might not be the same fact in another context. For example, in Newton’s physics a tabletop is a hard, physical surface. In quantum physics it is vibrating energy and information we recognize, believe, agree and predict to be a hard tabletop. But in consciousness it is an arrangement of information and its energy our mind has created that we believe, expect and refer to as hard matter.

Then, we say it is a fact that everything and everyone that is, was and will be. When we look at a star it is shining and alive. Someone else much closer to it could prove the star is burned out and dead. Yet, someone living much farther away from it could say the star is neither alive nor dead but just gasses in the formation stage of a new star. So, a star could be not yet born, alive and dead all at the same time just like you and me. Or we could say something can exist and not exist at the same time.

Finally, because physicists say there are no space and time in the universe, the current star, pre star and post star are all here, now. Their energy and information are in me, mine in them. Maybe this is what living in the now is about.

Early in my years of research I thought several times I had discovered truth and it was absolute, only to have to learn later that I had discovered another truth that explained more than the one before.

“Instead of facts, maybe we live in a world of metaphors,” said a friend over lunch one day. The word metaphor is quite simply an expression used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity.

Facts or metaphors, they are things to think about in creating better realities. And maybe this is all about the need for keeping an open mind.

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