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Examples Of Mere Products Becoming Powerful
Brands By Adding the Compassion Ingredient
  • Before compassion, Cheerios was an old product in decline. Then it added the compassionate interactions of the family members to its advertising, and now it is a growing brand with incremental equity and value.

  • The Michelin Man started as a serious scientist pointing out the attributes of a precision-made German product, and sales were limited to Mercedes-like owners. Now, wise and smiling, he looks over our loved ones “because so much is riding on our tires,” and Michelin, the brand, is on a wide variety of cars.

  • Chunky Soup was a hardy soup product in a big can for a hungry man. But it became a successful brand when the little boys in big jock bodies appeared with their doting moms standing over them, telling them lovingly to eat their Chunky Soup to get big and strong. “Yes, mom-m.”

  • Volvo was a boxy product from Sweden with limited sales until our cooperative surrogates, the crash test dummies, were added to the advertising, resulting in a large increase in the brand’s popularity and sales. “Volvo, For Life.”

  • OnStar was the most expensive mobile phone product until adding the emotional messages of customers in need and compassionate, competent OnStar operators to its communications. Now it is a high-equity brand service, representing a whole new category and value.

  • Baby food was just an assortment of commodity products before Mr. Gerber and his family offered their compassion to moms and their babies with the first commercial baby food brand. Now, it has been in 99% of baby households and has an 85% share of the commercial baby food market. Gerber is compassion.


A View Of Healing & Health

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