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The Compassion Theory is an evidence-based point-of-view that new and incremental love affects a return to health and the maintenance of wholeness. The Theory begins to explain how healing and health, as well as the deviations from wholeness are all subjective, that is from within. We expect this new and growing subjective paradigm to run in parallel and then replace the old paradigm of allopathic medicine and its false objective causes and effects. A new Theory of Compassion deserves its own GLOSSARY.
allopathic medicine also called allopathy, the usual method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects different from those produced by the disease itself
compassion new, incremental love created by the mind’s intent
compassion-collecting chain people, places and things capable of transferring new love, one after the other, to a person seeking more love
compassion correlates variables, like healing and health, which move in the same direction with incremental love
compassion deficiency not currently receiving enough new love
compassion deficit disorder (CDD) a condition that keeps one from consistently receiving enough new love
compassion deficit replacement a concerted effort to add new love
compassion deprivation the withholding of new love
compassion donor one who intentionally gives compassion to another
compassion power the incremental ability from new love
compassion replacement (therapy) restoring, maybe through treatment, a deficiency of new love
Compassion Theory of Healing & Health a point-of-view that new and incremental love affects a return to wholeness and the maintenance of wholeness
compassion tool an artifact and symbol that helps to create new and incremental love, such as a love-imprinted object and love-conditioned space
complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment of disease in ways without the allopathic drugs and invasive procedures, including such things as homeopathy, herbs and hands-on therapy
dissonance the lack of compassion; the lack of resonance
homeopathy a method of treating disease with small amounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy people, produce symptoms similar to those being treats
love the human form of resonance
mind the source of all information, its creation and organization
modern medicine the traditional or usual method of treating disease with remedies, such as allopathic medicines and invasive procedures
placebo the ability of our compassion to contribute incremental healing from a fake medicine and procedure
placebo power the healing ability of fake medicines and procedures
resonance a relationship of two or more entities, vibrating on the same frequency and becoming stronger because of it




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