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We help people heal and remain healthy. May we help you or your loved ones?
We have found -
  1. Compassion depletion and deficiency leads to the symptoms of disease, while
  2. Compassion replenishment and sufficiency leads to relief and wholeness.
Compassion is the subjective common denominator of all healing. In medicine, compassion is known as the placebo, “I shall please.” It has been tested through history and has survived all objective paradigms.

Looking across all people, it can be seen that compassion has unlimited healing power. Yet, different individuals limit its potential with their unique beliefs, changeable at will to release compassion’s unlimited power to each individual.

From our research findings we have developed The Compassion Theory of Healing & Health. Its practice is called Compassion Healing. Here is a summary:
  1. Choose to focus on compassion and love, the more the better.
  2. Use pain, sickness and disease as reminders to create more compassion.
  3. Focus on the wholeness you want; not the individual symptoms you do not want. 
  4. Focus compassionate intent, prayer, well wishing on being whole.
  5. Read GoodSamIAm.org and its Practices to heal and be “Excellent!” every day.
Even Good Samaritans need help sometimes. We help people learn to create compassion, love and health. All information on GoodSamIAm is free.
Hypothesis #1: The more compassion sent to children the healthier and happier they are.

Hypothesis #2: When children deviate from wholeness, their return is a function of a) the amount of compassion sent to them, b) the inverse risks of the invasive treatment of toxic drugs, radiation and surgery and/or c) the ratio of the compassion to inverse risks.
We remain grateful to the late Jesse Hogan, whom we never met. After he visited GoodSamIAm in its infancy he willed us a large sum of money, which has resulted in the development of The Compassion Theory, the completion and activation of GoodSamIAm.org.

Replenish your compassion by reading GoodSamIAm often. Start your daily compassion-collecting here. 

P.S.: Private consulting time between you and me is available for a fee. And we organize very large numbers of volunteers to create and focus their compassionate intent on specific people who have deviated from health, to help them return to wholeness. Email for help.

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