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Consciousness, I think, is the sum of our individual minds. It might also be God, Spirit, Source or created by the Source. In any case it seems to be the source of our thoughts, attention, intention, beliefs, expectations, and resonance, love, compassion, creativity, healing, health and everything else that we want that is good. It is within and between us – the nonphysical, invisible and subjective. It may be the substrate of everything, including our bodies and our physical reality.

The following individual minds are entangled through our resonance and intent to know Mind.

K. C. Blair is a consumer, information and consciousness scientist. His research and experiments have led to a better understanding of how our mind, using compassion, creates a better reality of everything that is correlated with incremental love and resonance. He has discovered Modern Medicine’s Illusion and developed The Compassion Theory of Healing & Health, both of which are leading to incremental happiness, health and longevity.
Larry Dossey is an M.D. always out on a limb. He is a prolific researcher and writer, always taking controversial positions and coming out on top. He travels and speaks to represent consciousness, healing and health.
Brenda Dunn is formally trained as a developmental psychologist but regards herself as a generalist whose principal task is the integration of the multiple scholarly vectors that bear on PEAR’s various activities.
Masaru Emoto is a water, resonance and consciousness scientist. He has learned how the mind transfers information to our environment, using water crystals as a measure and validation of our minds’ positive and negative thoughts. Masaru’s research of what creates beautiful water crystals leads us to the love and respect for our environment and each other, both of which are mostly water.
Robert Jahn of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) is considered by many to be the leader of the resonance and consciousness movement. His research has demonstrated that the mind has influence over matter, the machine. When I first read PEAR’s research, I understood the meaning of spirit in the mind-body-spirit. I knew the direction of my new journey.
Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist and consciousness researcher. He has learned how our bodies’ cells communicate with Mind, back and forth, to adapt to the environment. Our cells are either open for growth or closed for protection. Our negative symptoms are warnings that our cells are closed unnecessarily from the too common perceptions of fear from our environment, when we need them to be open for growth. The result is disease, the correlate of fear, the inverse correlate of compassion.
Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut, founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a leading consciousness research organization. He travels and speaks as the goodwill ambassador of consciousness.
Roger Nelson is one of the most important consciousness researcher minds with which I have resonated. His creativity and research know-how helped PEAR become the important consciousness research organization it is. Roger met with me a few times to validate the direction of my research program and to help me get it back on track. Roger started the Global Consciousness Project, which involves the placement of over fifty random number generators around the world to monitor changes in the cohesion of minds, leading to an understanding of what variables influence it. Picture the buoys put out to sea to monitor waves, looking for the correlations that predict tsunamis. Roger reports -- There is hope. The positive events outnumber the negative ones. Events that evoke the most significant effects are ones of compassion and sympathy, such as 9/11.
Candace Pert is a physiologist and biophysicist, researching “new paradigm” healing. “Her research reveals how the ‘bodymind’ functions as a single psychosomatic network of information molecules, which control our health and physiology.” She explains how the body is a validation of the mind.
Dean Radin is one of the theoretical leaders and researchers of consciousness. His new book, Entangled Minds is sure to add a quantum leap in our science of resonance and consciousness.
Marilyn Schlitz is one of our leading consciousness researchers. Within her vast research portfolio she and her associate demonstrated that the experimenter’s mind influences the experiment’s outcome, when she believes it is possible, and the experimenter’s mind does not influence the same experiment’s outcome, when he believes it is not possible. Quantum physicists have known that the observer influences the experiment, collapsing the quantum wave of possibilities to a particle, but until Marilyn’s experiments there was little or no evidence that the mind influenced large-bodied researchers’ experimental outcomes. Everything is an experiment; we are all experimenters.
Gary Schwartz is a leading consciousness researcher. His recent afterlife experiments may have proved that we continue in some form after death. He has developed the theory of how this is possible.
Norm Shealy “is one of the world's leading experts in pain management. He was among the first physicians ever to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain.” Norm has successfully conducted nonlocal experiments with medical intuitive Caroline Myss. He was an early holistic physician, explaining that the compassion symbolized by the office layout and attitude of the workers toward the clients may have been more important to client healing and well being than anything else he could have done to help them. Early in the history of this website I sent him a short list of practices I developed to see what he thought of them. His positive response and unexpected endorsement were very valuable in boosting my confidence from the beginning. "I think your proposed formula would do more for the health of this country than all the physicians and pharmaceutical approaches."
--C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Charles Tart has been interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove and many others for his research and know-how involving consciousness. I am always impressed by Charles as he creates in me the feelings of compassion by showing his care for others and the passion for his work. And he has such a soft and caring voice. I am honored to have been influenced by Charles.
William Tiller is a materials’ scientist, a leading consciousness researcher and a movie star in "What The Bleep Do We Know". Through experiments he has learned how the mind can transfer information to influence matter from a distance, how the mind can condition a space so the space has healing power and how the mind can transfer power to a box, which then can be put into a space to condition it, so the space can heal. This is important because we all have this magical power. There are healing symbols all around, constantly influencing us. We can learn how to create, send and receive more resonance to affect others and ourselves, positively.
What The Bleep Do We Know is a movie about quantum physics, consciousness, mind over matter, positive/negative thoughts and the creation of better realities. It has become a symbol rallied around by people interested in consciousness. It may be “the 100th monkey” that creates the mass flow to the understanding of consciousness.


Rick E. Berger is the GoodSamIAm webmaster, who compassionately keeps me from looking stupid on the WWW. For a number of years he was a consciousness researcher. More recently, he has become a successful website developer. Rick has a number of impressive websites, including this one on his site. He specializes in consciousness websites. As an academic he has been involved with the Internet and the WWW since the beginning. He has my endorsement and he did not write this.


Notice, the physical world of our body, places, things, environment, water, etc. are all validations of our minds as they create reality. I think I resonate with other open minds to get what I need through the mind-matrix.

I am happy and grateful to have been influenced by these great minds.

Adding to resonance and love, using compassion, seems to be the reason we are here. Resonance to the scientist is love to the poet.

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