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Do You Want More Love, Happiness, Health, Prosperity, and Longevity?

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Love Ratio

Some New, Important Research

There are people who live much happier, healthier, and longer than the rest. I have found them in my consumer research and discovered how they differ from others. There is a particular common denominator strongly associated with the happy, healthy, long-living people; it is shared far less with the unhappy, unhealthy, short-lived people. I developed and tested hypotheses to determine if people changing their common denominator resulted in changing their happiness, health, and length of life.

There is a strong causal relationship, meaning we can choose to change our lives for the better. You will find a lot more of my revealing research in Love Ratio.

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The Common Denominator of a Good Life

The common denominator of a happy, healthy, long life is compassion. Let me explain how it works. The more compassion (attention and care) we choose to create and experience, the more love I am able to measure within us. As love grows, love’s correlates grow with it. Love’s correlates are such things as well-being, happiness, health, immunity, creativity, productivity, prosperity, and longevity – everything good, values we want to gain and keep.

Think of the importance of this discovery. Compassion is more than a passive act; it is an active tool to be used 24/7.


If you want to increase your chances of living happier, healthier, and longer, learn to create and direct more attention and care to others and yourself. I will give you 15 easy ways to create a better life in Love Ratio.


A New Theory of Health, Disease, and Healing

Our new Compassion Theory of Everything Good predicts that our symptoms are rarely due to the physical source of our pain. Rather, they are signals that the love in our Love Reservoir is getting low. When we create more compassion, the new and incremental love begins to fill up our Love Reservoir and the signals go away; ignoring the signals to create more love results in serious disease. This will become clear in Love Ratio.


Are We Love Generators?

We seem to switch our attention back and forth between negatives and positives. Maybe we are here to generate love as we refocus from negatives to positives. Love’s correlates are our incentives to create more love and our rewards for having done it.


Love Ratio: Positives / Negatives.

Think of our Love Ratio as our subjective immune system. Increase the Positives and neutralize the Negatives to grow love and enhance its correlates of well-being. Changes in our subjective immune system from compassion and love predict changes in our objective, physical body, but often with a lag, while our Love Reservoir and Love Ratio reach a sufficient level.


Read Love Ratio and Create a Better Life

Please contribute to my research of the subjective, from where all good things come.


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