Modern Medicine’s Real Problem

Many of us appear to have been made better by modern medicine but many more have been made worse by it, a fact few of us are aware of because the industry tries to keep it a secret.

Modern medicine’s real problem is not doctors’ compassion and their mechanical ability. It is the practice of a dysfunctional theory of healing and wholeness -- allopathic medicine.

Allopathic practitioners prescribe drugs and invasive procedures to cure us but overall they are making us worse than if they were to prescribe nothing. Imagine 200 patients going to doctors practicing allopathy, who tell all of them to take their presrribed drugs and invasive procedures. Then 100 choose to follow the allopathic orders of toxic drugs and dangerous invasive procedures, while the other 100 choose not to take allopathy's drugs and procedures. The group refusing to follow allopathy will end up, not perfect, but better, while the other group following allopathy will be worse. We say again, this is a failed theory. Not only would you and I be better off without allopathic medicine but we would be much better off practicing The Compassion Theory of Healing & Health. The Compassion Theory of Healing & Health.

Global research from the World Health Organization shows the U. S. ranks first on health spending but we are nowhere near the top of the rankings on health and life expectancy. We at GoodSamIAm conclude that Americans are the biggest spenders of the false theory, which is doing more harm than good and its practice is keeping Americans from having the best health and longest life possible.

Please don’t shoot the messenger. GoodSamIAm is trying to tell you something important most doctors will not tell you, either because they do not know or because they are heavily invested in a theory that does not work.



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