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Here is a six-step summary about how to create a better reality in general. It is based on what we have learned from our experiments and the research of compassion, healing and health.
  1. Keep An Open Mind.
    It helps to believe and expect you will succeed. But perhaps it is more about keeping our mind open to the possibility we create healing and our own reality. The open mind may be necessary so the needed information can move between and within to help us. Physicists say that all the energy and information that has ever existed or will ever exist is here now. That means we need an open mind to let the energy and information flow between and within us.
  2. Focus Your Attention And Compassion.
    Use attention and compassion with others and yourself to replace dissonance with resonance and communicate more successfully about everything. Use gratitude as often as possible. It is a reflector, creating more compassion, adding to the pool of love.
  3. Use Locality And Nonlocality.
    Communicate compassion physically through your senses and mentally with your intent to help others and yourself.
  4. Always Replace Negatives With Positives.
    Find something positive in everything and everybody and dwell on it so it grows. Be optimistic and see the glass as half full and needing more water, or half empty and needing more air. When others ask, “How are you?” stop, think and tell them how you want to be, “Excellent!” You will become excellent more of the time. When you are not excellent you will know it because you will give some other flip answer like, “Fine.” I interpret my less than “Excellent!” answers as me being under too much stress to give the answer I want. In that case I immediately create the feelings of compassion and love to remove the stress and its source.

The source of all pain & disease is Compassion Deficit Disorder. The source of all healing & health is compassion replenishment

  1. Focus On Unity, the Whole, And Not the Parts.
    It is as if the data were indicating that everything wants to be connected to everything else because everything that joins to resonate seems to do better. Healing seems to be due to thinking about the whole, i.e. the whole mind rather than mind, body, spirit, you, me, my knee, my back, my headache. We are all “mind” and if we give the whole more attention and compassion we will be whole more of the time and heal faster, if and when needed.

    Creating a better reality seems to result from thinking about the whole. When, as a researcher, I select 1,000 people at random for my studies, I now infer they are just different parts of the same mind, all free to explore and experiment in how their whole mind works.
  2. Practice and Be Patient.
    Remember, it takes time to create enough compassion and accumulate enough love for the positives to outweigh the negative and begin to see progress. With practice it did not take me long before I noticed I was creating my own reality. I have been happier in every way since.

Below are our first recommended 1-7 practices in 1998. They still are good ways to give yourself more attention and compassion today.

Whether you want to improve your health, happiness or longevity please start with the practices in the order they appear. Learning and living these practices will help you more than anything else we have found and everything else we offer will help you more if you are using these practices. This is the GoodSamIAm Starting Formula.

Some of the practices by themselves seem to reduce heart attacks, strokes and perhaps many other diseases by 50% but when you combine all of the techniques you may reduce the same diseases by as much as 85%.

Begin the Starting Formula by working on DEEP BREATHING for a few days, then add each new practice for a few days in the order we show them. This is a cumulative learning process.

Dr. Andrew Weil believes that breathing correctly is the first thing we should learn to be healthy. Diaphragmatic (deep-belly) breathing and not shallow high-chest breathing will help us relax and is healthier when we should be relaxed. To learn it, lie on your back or sit upright with one hand on your chest and one on your navel. Your navel and not your chest should rise, when breathing correctly. I hesitate one second at the top and three seconds at the bottom of each breath, when I am trying to relax. This is the beginning of relaxation, reducing stress and being healthier.

Every time you do the above breathing exercise we recommend resetting your heart to increase its power. While you are deep-breathing put your attention on your heart beating in your chest and imagine your breath passing through your heart, massaging it, showing it your attention and love. Then, remember a moment when you have felt grateful, loving or compassionate and recreate that feeling in your heart. This whole practice including the breathing should take about one minute. Do it several times per day and eventually you will go around without doing it, acting as if you had just done it. Since this involves getting in touch with your feelings it isn't easy for everyone to do. But, you can get it if you practice it frequently.

What is this about? The
Institute of HeartMath and other medical researchers contend that the heart pumps 2.5 watts of electricity. Its power signal can be monitored throughout our body and, so far, up to twelve feet outside of us. When we reset our heart we are making it beat coherently, rhythmically. When the heart beats rhythmically it entrains the rhythms of our brain and all other systems inside us. When all of our rhythms are in synchronization the signal is the strongest. We should go around this way all of the time. Why? Under this condition "with love in our heart" all of our cells, components and systems are better able to signal each other and operate more effectively and efficiently. Our immune system tests stronger, our creativity is greater and everything else we want to do tests better.

DEEP BREATHING and HEART RESET when combined create intimacy within us. Increased intimacy reduces serious diseases and deaths from them by over 50%.

Research shows that drinking five (5) or more glasses, versus two or less, of pure water per day reduces heart attacks and strokes by around 50%. Other research currently under way may show that drinking large quantities of water helps us heal faster and stay healthier, longer. Drinking more pure water plumps up our cells but drinking caffeinated water causes our cells to lose more water than is gained, emaciating them.

We believe water is important because it serves as the conduit for the electromagnetic energy sending information throughout us. The more water in us, the greater the conductivity, the more efficiently our systems run, the healthier we are and perhaps the longer we will live.

K. C. Blair has started drinking 1.5 liters of water within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning. While it seems like a lot he says that it’s easy to get used to. It flushes his system and plumps up his cells at the start of the day. Think of the animals drinking at the river in the morning to start their day. Either drink the five glasses throughout the day or start with the 1.5 liters in the morning and sip water throughout the day. But consider, too much water can wash out some of your important minerals, so do not overdo it.

4. EXERCISE. Exercise researchers say short spurts of vigorous exercise such as jumping in place for two minutes eight times per day seems to be as good as one sixteen minute period per day. We believe it may actually be better because it not only moves the molecules of blood faster but it excites our water molecules, perhaps increasing our electromagnetic energy and information. We Good Samaritans will scientifically research this as a new hypothesis and report the findings to our members on this website before the world sees them.

5. BE POSITIVE. Happiness, health and longevity may be a state of mind. Is your glass half empty or half full? The optimist is grateful for the half glass of the water life-force while the pessimist dwells on the emptiness, what was. The optimist thinks of creating a better future for herself and her loved ones. Being positive and creative go together like being negative and destructive. We should not allow negative thoughts, attitudes or intentions to stay in our minds. Negatives interrupt the resonance (love) created by the above techniques. We should replace them with positives and creativity.

6. ATTENTION & COMPASSION. If you consider the above simple things and how effective the research says they are individually you may see a common denominator. While all of these things are good as they are, they seem to be serving as symbols to remind us to show ourselves more attention and compassion. We believe we don’t need to do any of these things, or at least not as much as the research says, as long as we give ourselves more attention and compassion. And the giver gets happier and healthier while giving, too, the research says.

7. TIME. Don’t expect these things to work immediately, although they could. Consider that every few years our old cells are replaced with new ones. Research indicates our mind is in every cell of our body and it constantly influences our cells. We believe that just making the choice to change, influences our new cells and that increases our happiness first. When we have enough new cells that have been influenced by our new thinking we begin to change our physical health. We believe most pain and mental illness can be dramatically reduced or eliminated well within one year.

"I think your proposed formula would do more for the health of this country than all the physicians and pharmaceutical approaches."
--C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Holos institutes of Health, Inc., Springfield, MO.


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