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Distant Healing Synopsis and Distant Healing Research

h. Exploring the Limits of Direct Mental Influence: Two Studies Comparing 'Blocking' and 'Co-operating' Strategies. Watt, C., Ravenscroft, J. & McDermott, Z. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 1999, (13)3, 515-535


Two studies were conducted to explore the limits of remote mental influence effects. An "influencer" attempted to influence the electrodermal activity (essentially the sweating response) of a distant "influencee." Half of the time, subjects attempted to "cooperate" with the distant influence attempt and half of the time they attempted to "block" the influence.

In the first study (with 32 participants and three experimenter/influencers), no difference in remote influence effect on EDA between co-operating and blocking
conditions was found, nor was there any evidence of a remote mental influence effect

In the second study (with 50 participants and two experimenter/influencers), no difference for remote influence between co-operating and blocking conditions was found, but evidence was found of an overall remote influence effect.

It was concluded that no evidence was found that influencee's mental strategy affected remote mental influence attempts. Thus there is as yet no indication as to the limiting conditions of direct mental influence on living systems.



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