What's Up With Modern Medicine?
By K. C. Blair, Founder, Director
Good Samaritans International

Being curious and an analyst, I like my role of a consultant, studying how things work. I am interested in the relationships within, trying to figure out what variables are important to preserve and grow, what variables are fluff that we could remove without losing anything and what variables are working counter to the overall objective so they can be removed for a net gain. All my work involves my intent of making an overall positive contribution. My interest has been mostly in business, marketing, information and consumer research.

A number of years ago as a hobby I became interested in complimentary and alternative medicine. Following Dr. Andrew Weil on PBS, I became interested in integrative medicine, i. e., consider everything and use what you think would be appropriate to the situation.

Along the way I was fascinated with the placebo, a fake medicine or procedure that contributes to healing. While most doctors will admit it has healing power, no one seems to understand it, except that it is pretty well accepted that beliefs and expectations are associated with it. If you read the links along the bottom of GoodSamIAm you will see that I began to realize most types of medicine throughout time in the East and West medicine seemed to do some good and there was a common denominator between all of them.

At first we thought the active information ingredient in the placebo was compassion, then we realized the placebo is the medical term for compassion. Finally we learned that compassion, which is created subjectively with our mind, is the common denominator and used in all types of healing.

Modern medicine is an exception in that the placebo is generally positioned as a negative, subtracted and discredited. Modern medicine is currently allopathic medicine, which is mostly composed of drugs and invasive procedures, but also x-rays, scanners, hospitals, clinics, devices -- all objective and physical in support of the physician.

Along my journey I have been surprised to read about negatives associated with allopathy. I read people were getting maimed and killed from taking drugs the way prescribed but I figured it was a tiny group for each pill and invasive procedure. Medical researchers, studying patient groups that followed the physicians’ recommendations versus the groups that did not, learned that the groups following the recommendations faired no better and maybe worse than those that did not follow the recommendations. While I had difficulty believing them I filed them in the back of my mind. It is difficult to be in a society dominated by allopathy and to believe and accept there could be anything wrong with it, but I tried to keep an open mind.

Then I came across the research that indicated the death rates decreased during strikes of doctors and other medical workers, only to return to where they were after the strikes. And it happened in seven of seven cases in four countries during a forty-year period. I came across a very well done study in Australia showing that the more general practitioners per 10,000 people the more deaths there were; the less GPs the fewer deaths there were. A medical researcher I respect, Gary Null, Ph.D., made an extensive study of allopathic medicine in the U.S. and determined allopathy is contributing more negatives than positives, so it is responsible for more injuries and deaths than anything else. I remembered the conversations I had with executives and non-executives in drug and drug related companies about what they called drug safety. Everyone with whom I talked admitted to how unsafe drugs and procedures were. I decided to summarize what I had been filing. Allopathic Medicine's Secret -- The Truth

Without knowing, I was going down two paths at the same time. One was leading to The Compassion Theory of Healing & Health. The other was leading to showing how dangerous allopathy is. It was difficult for me to believe allopathy could be so dangerous so I began talking with people and began to realize there seemed to be an illusion in modern medicine in which compassion was helping people but because it was invisible people did not know the degree it was working positively and how much it was hiding the toxic drugs and dangers of unnecessary invasive surgery. Here is a the essence of a short conversation I had with a friend, who worked it out with me. The Allopathic Medicine Illusion

Finally, I thought about everything and tried to summarize what has happened with allopathy in the past fifty years. Allopathic Medicine: Tested and False

It is difficult for me to believe where the findings have led me. It certainly was not intentional. Finally, it saddens me to learn that any organization of people is doing the opposite of its intent. And I cannot forget the feelings from the meeting with the woman working in the drug company, saying, "It is too difficult for people in our industry to say the obvious, 'My work is killing some of the people it is supposed to be helping.'"

My new research and paper on the subject is as follows: SSE 2006 Paper: MODERN MEDICINE: AN ILLUSION.


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